I am an experienced Security / Systems Engineer, with a passionate interest in software, security, distributed systems and large scale data pipeline systems. I have a solid track record of delivering quality software and shipping products on-time, in many diverse fields, and I have led many software engineering teams as both a Technical Lead and Engineering Manager. I have contributed to / co-created open-source software, written for government publications, mentored junior engineers, given customer / senior official presentations, spoken at major industry conferences, and assisted with field testing.

Most recently I have built Security Analytics platforms, data pipelines and search systems using the Raft consensus protocol, Apache Kafka, Apache Storm, Zookeeper, and Lucene-based search technologies such as elasticsearch. I have also developed systems using technologies such as Django and express.js, relational databases, and NoSQL databases such as Cassandra.

My Areas of experties span the following

Design: SOC Infrastructure, SaaS Infrastructure, Cloud Computing, data pipelines, search and analytics systems, distributed systems and database design, Linux-system software, Web Services, REST API development, general service-oriented architecture.
Software: In-depth experience with Rust, C, C++, Python, Go, bash and assembler, and notable experience with SQL, PHP, Java, and node.js. Deep understanding of multithreaded software.
Systems: AWS Cloud infrastructure, Apache Kafka, Apache Storm, and both SQL and NoSQL databases.
Significant experience with Lucene-based search technology such as elasticsearch.

Open Source Contibutions

Antimony -- Co-Creator / Co-Lead Developer
A real-time stream processing and distributed computation system written completely in Rust designed to out-storm storm and is heavily influence by Twitter Heron paper.
tldexract-rs -- Developer
A rustacean implementation of tldextract highly inspired by python's module tldextract by John Kurkowski. A tool to accurately separate the TLD from the registered domain and subdomains of a URL, using the Public Suffix List.
react-native-android-sms -- Developer
A react native module to extract & send SMS on android phones.

Other areas of interest

  • Building and leading technical teams.
  • Designing and implementing distributed algorithims and systems.
  • Designing and implementing high performance stream processing systems.
  • Using, implementing, and analyzing most textbook machine learning algorithms.
  • Developing new machine learning techniques.
  • Designing and implementing SaaS infrastructure.
  • Developing SOC / SIEM Playbooks and automation of network / host-based intrution detection techinques.

Contact Me

I mostly use msmakhlouf as a handle around the interwebs.

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Feel free to email me.

If you need to contact me privately, please use my PGP key. My key’s fingerprint is:

36BF A26B 4D49 0145 4F55 EF74 D6B3 F0DF DA81 AD29